Not everyone is a human being. Most being merely high level animals. What separates you from being an animal?

90 degree turn — a leap of faith

July 17: I don't know how to begin this for today I am just very happy -- a feeling I haven't had in a long time. So surprised and pleased, I am just dumbfounded with butterflies in my tummy!

Clinical Depression

Not only pain on the mind but on the body: 'psychosomatic' as a psychologist once explained to me. The chest or heart area in particular -- a burning sensation in the core. I've read somewhere heartaches are now considered real pain, as good as physical pain, and the good news on this then is you … Continue reading Clinical Depression

Hopping back to the beat

If life were playing with an orchestra, I'v been off beat lately. Still somehow managing to breathe, stay alive, and perform the earthly job of contributing to society and economy in my own little way as a normal worker by paying the bills and taxes, but just not really on top shape these days to … Continue reading Hopping back to the beat


Different from the rest found here as it is something I find myself just pouring out from my heart (and head), an attempt to calm myself down. Now I just find myself writing as I think. Not very flattering. These past few days, I've been clinically depressed perhaps as triggered by a mixture of many … Continue reading Grief.

Gratitude In The Midst Of Crisis

Who would have thought pandemic could arise at such a modern time as today, dramatically changing our lives so abruptly? Seems we have taken a lot for granted. The existential me has often pondered on life and death and the sense of it all. I had often complained about the nastiness of life and people … Continue reading Gratitude In The Midst Of Crisis

5 Important Points To Consider Before Making An Investment

Understand why you’re investing. Are you aiming for a comfortable retirement? A trip around the world? College matriculation? Capital for a business venture? A new car? Knowing what you want and need (and how life-threatening losses on your end may be) will enable you to gauge the amount of risk you can afford to undertake as an investor.

PSE INVESTOR JARGONS PART 1: How To Read Stock Quotes In Philippine Newspapers

What’s an Index? An index is an investor’s benchmark or reference for evaluating the performance of a fund, security, or investment. Basically, you’ll want to compare today’s index to yesterday’s index to determine whether stock values are going up or down. By checking the index, you can gauge how the market is performing in general without the … Continue reading PSE INVESTOR JARGONS PART 1: How To Read Stock Quotes In Philippine Newspapers

To Be Sucked Up By The System Or To Build A New System

We have many options in life as we are blessed with freewill; however, we are often torn between two types of options. The first type is to blindly copy what everybody else around us does and expects we do, even when that means not being the best of what we can be and not making … Continue reading To Be Sucked Up By The System Or To Build A New System

What To Eat During Stressful Situations

Often when we’re under pressure, it’s either we forget to eat or we binge on food and drinks we think help us complete stressful tasks but may not really do us good for the long run. For instance, we may drink a lot of coffee or munch on too much chips and sweets while on … Continue reading What To Eat During Stressful Situations